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1. Web­site content

The author accepts no liab­il­ity for the cur­rency, accur­acy, com­plete­ness or qual­ity of the inform­a­tion provided. Liab­il­ity claims against the author based on mater­i­al or imma­ter­i­al dam­age or injury caused by the use or non-use of the inform­a­tion provided or the use of incor­rect or incom­plete inform­a­tion are cat­egor­ic­ally pre­cluded unless intent or gross neg­li­gence on the part of the author can be proved. All offers are sub­ject to change without notice and are non-bind­ing. The author expressly reserves the right to change, sup­ple­ment or delete parts of this web­site in part or in whole without pri­or notice as well as to tem­por­ar­ily or per­man­ently halt its publication.

2. Ref­er­ences and links

The author can only be held liable for any dir­ect or indir­ect links to extern­al web­sites (hyper­links) lying out­side the author’s respons­ib­il­ity if the author is aware of their con­tent and it would be tech­nic­ally pos­sible and feas­ible for the author to pre­vent their use if they con­tain illeg­al content.
The author hereby expressly declares that when the links were cre­ated, no illeg­al con­tent was appar­ent on the web­sites to be linked. The author has no con­trol what­so­ever over the cur­rent or future design, con­tent or author­ship of linked web­sites and expressly dis­so­ci­ates him­self from all con­tent of all web­sites altered after the links were cre­ated. This state­ment applies to all links and ref­er­ences with­in this web­site as well as to all third-party entries made in guest books, dis­cus­sion for­ums, lists of links, mail­ing lists and any oth­er type of data­base set up by the author and which can be mod­i­fied extern­ally. Liab­il­ity for illeg­al, incor­rect or incom­plete con­tent and in par­tic­u­lar for dam­age or injury arising from the use or non-use of inform­a­tion offered in this way shall be borne solely by the pro­vider of the linked web­site, not the party merely refer­ring to the pub­lic­a­tion in ques­tion by means of links. 

3. Copy­right and labelling

The author makes every effort to meet his copy­right oblig­a­tions regard­ing the graph­ics, audio record­ings, video sequences and texts used, to use his own graph­ics, audio record­ings, video sequences and texts, and to use graph­ics, audio record­ings, video sequences and texts which are in the pub­lic domain. All brands and trade­marks named on the web­site and pos­sibly pro­tec­ted by third parties are sub­ject without restric­tion to the pro­vi­sions of the applic­able labelling legis­la­tion and the registered own­ers’ rights of own­er­ship. The mere nam­ing of trade­marks does not infer that they are not pro­tec­ted by third-party rights.
Copy­right for pub­lished items cre­ated by the author him­self shall be retained solely by the website’s author. Such graph­ics, audio record­ings, video sequences and texts may not be repro­duced in oth­er elec­tron­ic or prin­ted pub­lic­a­tions without the author’s express permission.

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